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Thread: Rendering in Sony Vegas 7.0a

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    Default Rendering in Sony Vegas 7.0a

    Hi everyone, first post!

    Im using sony vegas to edit and create a short movie of WoW and my arena team for the game.

    Its only about 2 minutes long as i wanted to get used to using the program but im having real problems actually rendering the finished thing. Almost everytime i select a codec i get an error with the render at the start saying the codec doesnt support the render settings, or for Xvid and DIVX it says something about the statsfile.

    Ive tried changing options such as interlacing and also tried a ton of different codecs including x264, xvid, divx3 etc etc etc.

    I can post some screenshots of my options when i get home tonight but from memory i set a custom frame size to match my game which is 1280x1024 and chose a pixel aspect ratio of 1.0 and im doing it non-progressive to match the recording from FRAPS. Ive also tried disabling the option at the very bottom and leaving sound out (in this case an mp3 file from a paticular band i like).

    Ive never actually rendered anything in this program before and im just wandering if anyone has some pointers or information on things i should keep an eye out for?


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    I have never ever done anything remotely as complex as this. That doesn't mean to say it can't be done.

    But as you are doing this from memory , perhaps if you got closer to your PC tonight when you can get back on the INTERNET then maybe some good person here can talk you through.

    If I think I have anything valuable to say, I'll chip in.

    However, and in the meantime, 2 points I wish to raise with you are:

    Point 1 - Have got "Ignore 3rd Party CODECS" in Options>Preferences engaged? But be warned some CODECS start fighting for supremacy once they sniff another one urinating on their tree or territory! Personally? For the more exotic CODECS I would finish my project in VEGAS and use another s/w to render to these others. That being said, I HAVE had much success with MOV and MPEGs. DiVX? Dunno . . ..

    Point 2- In the meantime, you say you are on Vegas7a? Well Vegas7 is up to version V7e, just thought you should know that.


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    Thanks for the reply,

    Yeah i will get 7e asap, i installed it at an ungodly hour of the morning yesterday lol

    As for the codecs, no i never knew of that option. I was contemplating rendering it uncompressed as ive done in the past but i have the option to use the codec (along with the same settings) that i used 3 or 4 additional programs for in the past so i was aiming to save HDD space (only got two raptors, 74GB) and time in the long run

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