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Thread: "Save as..." in Encore??

  1. Default "Save as..." in Encore??

    I had some trouble with exporting seperate sequences in Premiere so I put all my sequences in a final sequence with a few minutes of black in between them (to find the cuts easyer in Encore) and exported one big file.

    In Encore, for the first DVD, I trimmed the end of the timeline, made a menu and burned the DVD. Great. Now I re-trimed the timeline for the second DVD, made a second menu and did "save as" (so I can also save the first trim with the chapters and menu)... but what Encore is doing is COPYING the 15GB m2v file that I imported to Encore!! WHY can't it use the same m2v and just copy the trim and menu?

    Is there anyway to this while NOT copying the entire track twice?


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    I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know already but basically you have twisted yoursefl into aknot by treating a symptom and not the cause of your original problem.

    Not sure exactly what version of Encore you're referring to but I think they all work roughly the same (up to v2) in this regard.

    Having one big M2V file and then when it's on the Encore timeline trimming the second half off is NOT a good idea.

    This type of trim is the only type of edit available in early versions of encore and does not work quite how you want it.

    Say you have a 2Gb M2V file and 'trim' half of it off on the timeline. Your DVD will still contain the entire M2V file. All you do is effectively set the in and out point of it.

    You are much better working out how to export your stuff from Premiere properly.

    having said that....

    So you have two projects and Encire has duplicated the large asset used in each eh? Can;t you just remove the asset from one and delete it also from you HDD. Then just re-import the original asset into the second project and build your timeline from that?

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    Yes I could but when I export it, it will need to transcode it again, which in this case takes about 3 hours. My way does not need transcoding anymore but takes lots of HDD space. Anyway, it's just until the client gets the disks and is happy. Then I will delete the asset.

    I use version 2 and yes, you are correct that I was trying to go around the problem.

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