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Thread: what software to get !

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    Default what software to get !

    Hi All,

    I've tryed to find good video editing software - but no joy.. And I don't want to buy one just to find out it's crap !!!

    I have bought a new Sony DCR SR 190E for the Cannonball and need good quick software to chop and edit the move's to post them on the web....

    Hope you can help
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    If you only want to chop up video and post it on the web, then use Windows Movie Maker 2, it has everything you need and it's free. Just remind me again, what format does the Sony DCR SR 190E record in? If it's Mini DV then you won't have any problems capturing the video from the camcorder using the Firewire port but if it's a Mini DVD camcorder then the file format might be a bit troublesome. You could use Virtual Dub Mod which allows you to load obscure video file formats into it, select the portions you want and then save the 'rough cut' file to AVI. It's not perfect but could certainly get you out of a tight spot.


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