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    I'm new here and would just like to introduce myself first. My name is Cody burke i'm 14 years old, and I attend the Academy for Video and Media Arts program for Vo-Tech. I have been editing using Premiere for the past 4 years now, and have been using After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut for about a year. I love to animate and model using Lightwave 3D and it is my dream to one day go to an Art School and major in either Visual Effects and Motion Graphics or 3-D Aniamtion, and then go ont o work at a major animation studio like Pixar, Dreamworks, or Blue Sky. You know when your watching a movie and it has trailors of other movies before the menu pop up. Can you do this on Premiere? I tried putting in video and then adding a DVD marker after it but still once I preview it the Menu pops up first. Is their another way?

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    You never said which version of the s/w you are using. I can/might make a big difference.

    premiere pro 1 or 1.5 - nto a chance. the most you can do with that is a simple play-immediate DVD with no menus.

    Premiere Pro 2 - Not so sure. It does have limited DVD capability in it, based on strict templates. You would need to check your docs to see if you can determine a sequence to be your 'initial play' option before then kicking inot a menu proper.

    Premiere Pro v3 (or CS3 as it;s now called) - Definitely yes - sort of. If you're lucky enough to have v3 then you will also have Encore CS3 as well, in whcih case you can def do it.

    I'm not so sure you'll win though. You're into the realms of proper DVD design now and likely as not will require a proper DVD authoring app like Encore to do this. You seem to have access to most of Adopbe video apps. Do you also have access to Encore? IF so then use that.

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    You can use Adobe Encore to produce what you wish.... Just export the VID as seperate AVI's and then build them they way you wish in Adobe Encore..

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    thanks for the help guys. No i dont have Encore, I actually never heard of it before. I am using Premiere Elements though. Not Pro. So that may be another reason on why Ic an't do this.

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