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Thread: "Se7en" style title effects...

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    Correct. And how they jump at you, stretch vertically and horizontally, mirror themselves, things like that...


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    When I first saw 7, it was those titles and graphics that made me totally sit up and "note" I had just seen outrageous talent - one of those moments that just cut through all that background noise. - I had the same reaction when I first saw "Lawrence of Arabia" where O Toole rides out from the heat mirage.

    Anyways . . yes this is "possible" in Vegas. I had done something similar a few days ago when using Track motion to jitter and jiggle stretch and squish some fonts. The Tilt and dip into and out of liquid is a neat effect - but my thoughts are that this was an actual dip into an actual Real liquid - but I could be wrong.

    What WOULD be neat thing to try would be to use some actual shot footage of rippling water to react through a Height/Bump Map of Vegas.

    Oh, and BTW, the credits went in a strange direction - totally disorientating.

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    Like this?

    Just a quick fiddle, that any help?

    As for wife swap - yea I know it's weird, most of that sort of fly on the wall thing annoys me but there is something about wife swap that gets me into it.

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