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Thread: Need music video!

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    Red face Need music video!

    Hello everyone! Firstly my apologies - I've probably put this in the wrong forum. I'm very sorry!

    I'm in the process of starting up a record label as I have a PR client who has just completed a fantastic album. She's got quite a lot of interest from the industry and in particular from a dance label who want to remix a couple of her tracks and have the clout to get them on MTV.

    The problem is that although I'm relatively comfortable with finding my way around the music industry I don't know anything about the filming industry or where I should go to to organise the shooting of a music video. Another label recently got her to sing two of their songs, took her to Brazil, spent ten grand on videos for her and then announced they would sign her if she gave them most of the profits on her own work. Slightly cheeky I felt.

    I'm also in the horrible contemptable position of needing to ask for people who will accept glory and very little money as payment. I do make amazing cakes though, um, and I can also do PR work for you for free. : )

    (As a last resort I can remortgage my house. If this is needed, who would you recommend to me?)

    Some of her work can be heard at

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    Cool need music video

    Hi Kasku .. we've been looking for people to make music videos for over 1 years now but it is always a heavy price. We follow the link to see the music video for the Sam Honey music but we dont find it and also not the website for the Brazilian record comany Giant Records so we can talk about to make a music video to Brazil with them and sing one of their songs too because we dont want to make a contract for the papers to the house . thanks to tell us how to contact them .

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    We are a digital design company in animation (2d/3d) video, music etc.. our website coming soon to IX - 9 Muse

    We are actually looking to work on a music video, can you email/pm me with more details? And approx budget?

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