Main Point: I'm trying to record video games.

I'm trying to record a movie from my N64 (Nintendo64). My WinTV is external btw. It goes like this: I have the N64's 3 plugs (red, white and yellow) connected to my TV. The HRC TV cable cord is connected towards the Personal Video Recorder (PVR). And the PVR is connected to my laptop via USB2 cable.

Anyway, when I try playing the game, nothing shows up on my laptop when recording. It's a black screen. So I try this.

I put the 3 plugs (red, white, and yellow) into the PVR. Now I see the video game with perfect audio on my laptop, but it has one problem. IT LAGS TERRIBLY. I was planning to record my movies of me while playing but it takes like 10 seconds for an action to be done after hitting a button. I can't record like that.

So does anyone know a solution? How to connect the 3 color plugs to the TV but have the game on my compy as well? Or have the 3 colors plugs on my PVR but have no lag? Do I need an S-Cable? A camcorder? Help me! I'm very terrible at this kind of technology.

(The videos I'm trying to make... quality isn't really a necesity, just as long as it's visible and fair. Audio is what I really want.)