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Thread: how did they do the layer cake dvd menu?

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    Default how did they do the layer cake dvd menu?

    how did they do the layer cake dvd menu?

    i think its kool.. but just wondering how they did it, because i want to try it.

    if you dont know what im talking about, they made two rectangular video planes that cut through each other through the middle and are perpendicular to each other and very transperant. and so the thing spins around and different videos are playing constantly.

    any ideas how you would go about doin this?

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    first thing, this section is for posting videos for critique, Second I have no idea with out seeing the menu. My guess would be a program like photoshop with after effects or apple shake and motion, but like I said with out seeing it.......

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    Not familiar with eh specific DVD menu you talk about but from what you've said it sound slike a simple case of applying standard PIP ideas to make a small, user defined shape of video and then just keyframe some movement of the different layers. Am I missing something?

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