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    I edit video with Premiere Pro. I also do ABroll for some events but we also have a guy that does ABroll on a Sony DFS-300 DME Switcher that has a Pattern\KeyPad that he uses to add effects as the video rolls.

    One of the effects he uses seems very simple but I can't get it to come out smoothly in Adobe like he does on the Switcher.

    You can see in the clip I uploaded to show you (link below) how the color of the clip changes and how the change is nicely blended.

    I tried to achieve this in Premiere with all kinds of filters. I tried with the "Three Way Color Correcter" and chose "master", I tried the Hue and Saturation, I tried "tint" and all kinds of color filters but either I get the color changing on only parts of the clip (not the whole clip getting the tint) or not a good blend of colors.

    Please look at the clip and tell me how you would do this in Premiere. (Don't mind the crop. It's not seen on a TV screen)

    YouTube - color_change


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    I'd apply the tint effect from the image control folder, keep black mapped to black and keyframe the colour that white gets mapped to.

    It should give you the results your looking for.


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    I had another thought. If youv'e tried the tint settings like this, and still not been happy with the results on the particular clip your using. Perhaps taking all the colour out of the picture at the area you want bofore doing this would be good.

    The tint effect on a black and white image basically.


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    That makes sence! I'll try that . Thanks!

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