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Thread: NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am trying to record videos on my pc directly to a vhs tape in a vcr. below are the hardwares i am using.
    geforece 4 with tvout - svideo ( i have a s-video - composite converter)
    a vcr
    a pal tv

    i had tried various methods i saw on the web but have no luck. i don't get any pictures or sound from the recording.

    please!! any help is appreciated....

    i followed the instructions on the above link.

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    It would help if you described your set up. How have you connected everything? Do you get any errors in TVtool? What happens when you switch to video out? Does the PC monitor go blank?

    Run us through exactly what you are doing.
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    1) I have a s-video to composite converter connected to the tv out on my video card. Then i use a rca A/V cable to connect the composite end of the converter to the VIDEO IN of the vcr.

    2) i have a 3.5mm audio (y adapter) connected my sound card to the AUDIO IN of my vcr.

    3) i use a PAL cable (not sure of the name of the cable) to connect my vcr with my TV.

    4) with TV Tools when i click TV out the screen goes blank for a few seconds then back to normal windows view.

    please tell me what i do wrong... thank you

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    Rather than using the TVtool, start by testing the tvout with nview. Go into Advanced settings for the adapter and activate the TV Out as output. Now go into the Geforce tab and click nView display mode and select clone mode. Make sure all the cables are plugged in before booting. Reboot.
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