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Thread: I Think Bayer Corporation is a Very Bad Company

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    Default I Think Bayer Corporation is a Very Bad Company

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    Also, I entered this into a video contest that Bayer sponsors.

    Any feedback?

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    I just hope you have got your facts right. They can no doubt afford better lawyers than you. The bit about them deliberately infecting kids with HIV is a particularly serious allegation. Putting the bit about it all being your opinion at the end will not necessarily protect you.

    You no doubt don't expect to win the competition if they are sponsoring it.

    But we can say one good thing for Bayer: at least they sponsor film-making competitions!

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    Interesting video.

    You should read the book "The Constant Gardener" by leCarre. The film is a watered-down wishy-washy cop-out. The book is far more biting.

    Unfortunately you've given a lot of facts but, five minutes after watching it, I can't really remember much of them. I think it would have been better to pick one of Bayer's "crimes" and concentrate on that, showing images and sources.
    Remember the advertisers maxim "If you throw someone one ball, they'll catch it. If you throw ten balls, they'll drop them all."

    I like the idea of having a go at a big, corrupt corporation though.

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    Loved it. I have an activist streak inside of me and I love it when people use video in this way. Something I used to do a bit of, and really should get back to doing.

    I liked the video but as suggested by others it was a lot of stuff to take in. It looks like a trailer to a great documentary that maybe should be made.... but in the real world that is just so hard for most of us.

    I would take those issues singularly in the mean time and do more films similar to this one but highlighting only one issue.

    Keep at it - you have inspired me to go out and rediscover my militant side.

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    Thanks, and no I donít expect to win, Iíd be surprised if they even showed it at the screening.

    I agreed, it is a lot to take in all at once. If I have time, I might make another just focusing on one or two.

    I would have gone more into detail, but they had a time limit for the contest.

    Thanks again..

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    Interesting video. Never heard of them before, but now I have

    I agree with the comments made already by 'The Guru' and 'Mark W'

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