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Thread: keyframe on tv looks?

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    Default keyframe on tv looks?

    hi everybody...i have a question about keyframe in tv simulator for tv looks...when i apply the effect on any movie i cant see the keyframes...there must be the option,right?

    if it is,why cant i see,,there is no option like that...i couldnt find the shortcut key in the shortcut keys can i make it appear...i want to change value of line sync or any other options between two can i do it...
    bye for now...

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    Key frames are there for all fx.... maybe you just need to undock the window and enlarge it a little?

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    Do you mean you cant see the keyframe points under the timeline maybe ? ? ?

    If this is the problem then try clicking on the tiny icon at bottom left of the track header at left of timeline windowl. It looks like a tiny diamond with a little balck triangle next to it.

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    thnx guys.i solved the mark said i found it bottom of the video fx..finally i found it...thnx again...but i have a another problem...that is if apply the tv simulator effects any tracks,it effects the other tracks,too,i want it to effect only one video track,how can i solve it....i am getting more interested in vegas...

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