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    I'm kinda new to recording audio for video and need a mic soon to record a live performance/DJ event. I'm unsure what I need. It's going to be very loud and I don't want any clipping (Getting the audio from the sound board will be impossible).

    What gear do you recommend? I don't have a huge budget but I'm willing to spend a bit.

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    How loud is loud and where will your microphone be placed?

    If you're going to be up close then a dynamic microphone is your best bet, such as the MD421 from Sennheiser. The added advantage of dynamic microphones is that they don't need a power supply.

    A better bet is to move a bit further away and use a cardiod condenser microphone. Top of the range is the Sennheiser MKH40 and the "lowest" you should consider (price-wise) is the Audio Technica ATM33a. Sennheiser and Schoeps are the dog's dangly bits when it comes to microphones, but tend to cost a fair whack. The Audio Technica series of microphones is very good value for money and still good quality. Stay well clear of "Hama" or "Vivanco" type microphones. Basically, if you can buy it in Comet or Dixons... it's crap.

    If you're stuck a long way from the sound source than a shotgun (or short-gun) microphone is probably the only answer. Bear in mind with a shot/short-gun mic that it doesn't reject all sounds from the side, so if you've got screaming people close around you it might distort (rather than eliminate) the sound of the crowd.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll spend most of the night on stage, so it will be quite loud. I can't give an exact measurement of the volume. I was hoping to have the mic mounted on the camera (It's a little Sony HC30E, so I only have a stereo 3.5mm jack).

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    Having a mic on the camera is a terrible way to get good sound. You pick up all sorts of noise and moving the microphone around results in different levels and artifacts. The speakers are optimised to sound best to the audience. The mix on stage often sounds awful.

    It might be worth considering another option. Have some sort of recorder (think about renting) in a position where the sound is at its best with the microphone pointing at the stage. In the midddle of the audience, preferably on a boom.

    If you're just going to have a camera on stage with a mic bolted onto the top... It ain't gonna sound good no matter what mic you have.

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    If you are going to be recording from the stage, forget about mounting the mic on the camera and either purchase a mic stand or if you can 'borrow' one, when the roadies aren't looking and put the mic into it. As said before the best sound will be from the front of the stage, if there was some place at the front of the stage where you could put a mic on a small stand and run the cable back to the camcorder it would be great. How much leeway do you have in terms of setting up your own gear, do you have 'Access All Areas'?

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