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Thread: Vegas 7.0 fails to load at launch

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    Default Vegas 7.0 fails to load at launch

    When I launch the program, the little box pops up as per usual, but nothing loads!

    It never completely crashes - the window still responds when I move it around or click the X.

    Any idea?? It won't start!

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    On a side note, I've tried uninstallation then reinstalling numerous times to no avail.

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    Odd! I have no idea, maybe Grazi knows???

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chapman Photography View Post
    Odd! I have no idea, maybe Grazi knows???
    Actually it is "Grazie" -

    Yes, I did read your post. And this is the type of question I quake at hearing.

    Well, it appear as I have it running, and a few others too, that maybe it is your system that needs some TLC.

    This is what I do

    #1 - Do some housekeeping.

    #2 - Run Disk Clean Up and a defrag analysis at the very least.

    #3 - Remove any the TEMP files from Vegas Temp directory.

    #4 - Turn off PC and turn back on.

    #5 - Try CTRL+Shift on firing up Vegas


    #1 - Have you edited on this PC with Vegas before this time?

    #2 - Have you done any changes to your system?

    #3 - Have you got a Virus scanner operating? And is it out of date and trying to phone home, to obtain updates? If it is then stop it!

    #4 - IS it connected to the INTERNET?

    My thoughts are that you do have a system issue. Either it is hampering your re-installs and/or ceasing the opening of Vegas.

    By advised, Vegas needs very little to operate on. But it does use pagefile and requires a system that is working as good as it can. I recently had a major issue, but that was because I had nicked too much of my C drive. Once I did the housekeeping and got rid of BIG proxies and large avi files, the C drive had at least 50% of free space allowing programs to thrash about in.

    Best I can come up with.


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    Sorry Grazie I left off the "e"

    As a generial rule I degrag the HDD's after each and every video project no matter how big or small, I also render to another drive that dose not have vegas on it. All this helps vegas run smoothly.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks for your help Grazie, I tried it all but it still doesn't work. Oh well, I'll live. It was just the trial.

    I was not so skillfully modifying things in my registry so that prrrrobably has contributed to Vegas' nonworking state. It's a shame, though. I like Vegas better than Premiere!

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