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Thread: Sony Vegas - Lost keyframe thingy arghhhh !!!

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    Default Sony Vegas - Lost keyframe thingy arghhhh !!!

    I seem to have lost the key frame indicator at the bottom of the text editor on vegas. Im pulling my hair out trying to get it back. I seem to have lost it after vegas crashed... any ideas on how to get it back.

    For the record i will let you know that i have clicked on the "generated media" thingy on the top right of the clip i was editing.

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    Well, it is probably just hiding as a result of being scared from the crash. Happens to me too.

    However . . . this is what I do

    #1 - Open Text editor, or the Menu Function under question: FX, TextGen; Pan/Crop . .Track Motion . .

    #2 - Gently roll cursor over the bottom edge of that Menu, the cursor turns to a double headed Windows Re-size Icon thingy.

    #3 - Hold down ( left or right . .not sure which??) mouse button and drag vertically and re-open Keyframe timeline.

    Get back and say if it worked?


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