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    Exclamation Help editing mpeg video


    I'm not really good in video editing. I have a long mpeg (1h20) and I want to cut specifid pieces (i want to make small videos of some parts of this big mpeg). And I want to add a simple text animation before to show my web address. I tried to import video in Windows movie maker or ulead media studio pro editor 8.0 and only the sound is there... the image stays black ... I'm pretty sure I have the codec installed on my computer because I can play the original mpeg file with windows media player 11 and GOM player also. Anyone can help?



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    Some MPEG Codecs only seem to work for certain programs, there is a REALLY REALLY crappy free MPEG codec Called stinky's that works with Movie maker, however the quality on it is appauling and I'd really avoid using it at all cost, your best bet is to find a software that has its own MPEG codec built in like Adobe Premiere elements or something, Try getting Premiere Elements 1 or 2, they're cheaper now since 3 is out.
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    thank you I'll try that out and give some news.

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    Hi again guys,

    I tried adobe premiere 2.0, it seems like a good program and I do see my video in it now but the video I'm editing is 801 mg, last for 1h and 15min so when i import it in premiere it's sooo sloooowwww ... that I can't do anything with it...

    do you know of any program that SPLITS mpegs ... all i want to do is select about 2 minutes of this video and add a small splash screen in the beginning and end... I'm pretty sure I could add the splash screen in premiere but I have to cut down what I don't need from that 801mb file first!

    thks for the help!

    PS: I downloaded a small apps that scan video files to tell what are the codec used for the file and for this video it's MPEG 2 (SVCD/DVD).
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    just having the codec on your computer dose not mean it is installed for all programs, there are many types of mpeg codecs out there, download and install gspot its a free program and will tell you what codec it is. Then download and install the correct codec. I would look into the vegas software in my opion its better the adobe.

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    ohh.. ok! Thanks for the explanation.

    I found a mpeg avi splitter made bu boilsoft and it's working great and i can use premiere now and it's fine. The only problem i encountered was that when i export to a movie .avi it produces a 805mb file... and my video only last for 3min

    Anyone know how to change some settings so i can keep de quality but have something smaller?

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