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Thread: Computer freezing while editing

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    Default Computer freezing while editing

    I am at my wits end and need your help big time may sound a simple problem to fix, but i'm at a loss now.

    The Problem

    I've been doing the odd bit of editing over the years for bands and the odd wedding and holiday dvd and haven't had any problems until now. I started off using movie maker and and then moved on to Adobe Premiere which is an awesome bit of software btw. I'm finding that when i am placing music tracks, titles, video segments and then try to track through them the machine will freeze up. I've also tried using Sony Vegas which is does exactly the same. it willjust stop working with no errors or blue screens.

    I've checked event viewer and nothing is down for that time of the crash. There was something wrong with richvideo (something to do with powerdvd) but this has been taken out of the equation and no longer appears.

    The attempts of fixing it

    ok this is what i've tried.....

    basically all new kit...

    New mobo,
    New graphics card (ati x1950 512mb),
    New ram 2gb ddr,
    P4 3.2 gzh cpu with hyperthreading (have disabled hyperthreading in bios aswell)
    Sounblaster Audigy 2 Platinum
    250gb sata 7200 rpm Hard Drive

    The system is cool, the CPU, the gfx card, the ram, the hd....all well in their limits of heating up.

    Have reinstalled the os with all the bog standard codecs, just updated drivers for the gfx card.

    OS - XP Pro

    Have also tried vista ultimate which they both do the same problem.

    With all that i've still got the same problem........sometimes i will only put a title on and a wav or mp3 that i've ripped from a cd and it will just stop at random points of the timeline.

    Any more info needed just say and i will give as much as i can, it's just getting me down big time now and it's stopping me from doing what i lvoe most.

    any help please guys



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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny_tourettes View Post
    (have disabled hyperthreading in bios aswell)
    Why , Did you do any other bios changes as well?

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    I would do a reinstall of your OS, update it with the latest patches and make sure that the latest drivers are installed but don't install any codecs yet and don't make any changes in the bios. Before you install anything else install premiere first and do the same test with your footage.
    If all goes well repeat the test after every single piece of software you install, in that way you will be able to find what is causing the problem.
    If after a fresh install premiere crashes then you might have a hardware- or driver problem.

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    Your system might also benefit from installing a second internal hard drive. Use it to store your Premiere project files and associated assets.

    Whilst editing, remember to turn off all unnecessary background services, eg antivirus, firewalls etc. There is a freeware utility called 'Whats Running' available for download that I find really useful for doing this.

    Welcome to! The home of What's Running, your system information utility!

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    Thanks for the reply guys....

    I disabled the HT as other posts i searched on recommended it, so i gave it a bash but to no avail.

    I also reinstalled the os with the same problems.....the thing that gets me is that it done the same before i changed all the hardware over?!?!

    I have alos another drive with vista on it and an external, which i use for scratch disks and saving projects on.

    A friend of mine advised to render it after every title i do......but why? it's only a bog standard title with no effects.

    I'll try the software download and see what els4e is going, but as it's a new install, i should think much, i've scoured the system with spybot, adaware, ccleaner and reg mechanic all come up without any problems?!?!?!

    i think i may cry

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    You say in your post 'I have alos another drive with vista on it and an external, which i use for scratch disks and saving projects on.' Stop doing this and use an internal drive instead. How did you copy the video files to your computer and what file format are they? Have you defragmented the drive you are saving/rendering your Premiere files to recently? Hmm don't know about having two OS's, I haven't got Vista myself so can't really comment on whether it might be having an effect on things.

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    Sorry my apolgies for not explaining myself properly......I have another internal drive with vista on and a seperate external. I use the other internal for the scratch disks...sorry

    I captured the the files from minidv which premiere then put into AVI.

    I have defragemented the drive, also run diskchk both were fine and not reporting any errors.

    I think i may try annother sound card, because it seems to go into a sound loop when it crashes. I've tried all the different audio options also all have the same effect. I may try and disable all sound tonight, and try it without sound and see if it does the same. I may also install it onto a virtual OS using VMware as turning it off at the power when it stops may cause further problems.

    Im going to also try the latest Premiere pro and see if that reacts any different

    Cheers for the ideas though guys, they are much appreciated!

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    Just an update of how i sorted it..... i bought an Alienware laptop

    Works a treat and more! lol

    Seriously, i did buy one, but also found that the HT on the chip was causing grief on the system aswell, so turned off in bios and systme runs sweeter that did before, plus the temp runs alot cooler than it was nearing the end.

    The chip was getting up to 72 degrees C at some points nearing the end, and for aprescott chip it's quite hot apprently. So i think the chiop was casuing some major grief...........but i managed ot get my handds on a 9700 Alienware lappy with nice specs which works fine.

    So im happy all round

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