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Thread: Comprehend Video Challenge

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    Smile Comprehend Video Challenge

    The New Video Portal
    That forces you to be creative

    Have you ever wanted to make a video but are stumped for ideas on what to make? I know I have been. The way this site is going to work is for every Fortnight we are going to release a word or ’topic’ that word maybe be something like “calculator” and what we want to see is how creative you can be with that word and your video’s must contain the word or object to be a valid entry we don’t care what video format the video is in or even what you used to create the video.

    The top five videos we receive will be placed on the website for everyone to see, it will be judged by four people Myself (Benjamin Williams) Troy Mason, Julie Kenny and Courtney Crossley.

    As this is our first challenge we want you to create an advertisement for this advertisement should be no longer the 30 seconds and if you win you will receive the honour of been our first winner, a full website made by and we will use your advert to advertise the site.

    All four runners up will receive a spot on the site and your advert will be used to advertise the site as well. So put your creative hats on and send your videos too:
    So VISIT US TODAY Comprehend This - - Video Portal

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    I couldn't find any terms or conditions on your site concerning the the full use of material submitted.

    In particular, I was looking for information as to whether or not copyright remains with the originator.

    Could you clarify this please?


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    Yes copyright stays with the originator of the movie, by submiting you allow rights for submission onto and for advertising of comprehendthis (this challenge only) I will pop this copywrite info on there now. Thanks.

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