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Thread: Batch coverting events to the correct pixel aspect ratio...

  1. Question Batch coverting events to the correct pixel aspect ratio...

    Is there any way of converting a whole bunch of events to their correct pixel aspect ratio, without having to individually right-click on each one, go into "Properties" and having to do it from there?

    Also, do I have to change the field order here, too? Or can I simply set my template to "progressive scan" and leave it at that?


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    What are you FINALLY trying to achieve?

    V7 does have a Batch Render script, would this assist you?

    And no, you can't Paste Attributes to change the media properties.

    I recently wanted to Paste Atribs to change from 1.0926 (PAL DV) to 1.4568 (PAL DV Widescreen). I believe similar to your wishes. The reality IS the distinction: Pixel aspect ratio is a media property, and Paste Event Attributes only deals with event properties (hence its name). It would be nice.

    Another thought: Would changing a separate Veg Project prefs assist you?

    - g

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grazie View Post
    What are you FINALLY trying to achieve?
    Apologies - I could be using the wrong terminology here. By "batch converting", I meant to convert a whole bunch of events already in the timeline from 4:3 to 16:9 without having to change each one individually.


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    So, do you want to "crop" them to 16:9? Do you want to take the middle horizontal slice from the 4:3? If you want to do that then use Pan/Crop. This IS a Paste Event Attribute function and is very easy and FAST to apply. But you do realise that you WILL loose some definition. That is it zooms into the existing Frame? Yeah?

    Are you wanting to convert 4:3 INTO 16:9? Are you wanting to do this to be part of a 16:9 project? I can;t see how you wont loose definition. But I am eager to learn!!

    Still a little confused .. . but I understand a little more.

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    OK, we're getting there...

    I have some footage shot natively at 16:9, squished into a 4:3 frame, but split into many parts. Now I know I can individually select each event, right-click, go to "Properties", hit the "Media" tab, then fiddle with the PAR there (thanks to the advice you gave me before), but doing this for each clip will take yonks... So I'm trying to look for another way around this.

    My template is currently set to PAL DV Widescreen (720x576, 25.000 fps), with a custom resolution of 704x396, a progressive Field Order, and the PAR set to 1.0000 (Square).


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    Marcus, this is getting real complex!

    Please send me an email OR Private message through to me and we can setup/have a SKYPE conversation. Really finding it not only difficult to get a handle on your project BUT to give you sensible and accurate feedback too.

    Send that message . .


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    Message sent.


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