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Thread: Premiere Pro - Apply video effect to entire track or multiple clips?

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    Question Premiere Pro - Apply video effect to entire track or multiple clips?

    Is there a way to apply a video effect to all the clips on a video track? I tried selecting multiple clips but the Effects window says "no clip selected".

    I'm trying to avoid applying the same effect to many different clips on the same video track.


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    Two options spring to mind.

    There's the paste attributes method. Apply the effects that you want to the first clip. When you're happy with it, right-click on the clip on the timeline and click 'copy'. Right-click on the next clip in the timeline and click 'paste attributes'. This method is OK if you only have a handful of clips to alter.

    The other way is to move all of the clips that you want to alter to a separate sequence. Then re-import that sequence into the master timeline (just drag it from the project window to the master timeline) and apply your effects to it (as if it were a single clip).

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    probabky the second option there isbest. However depending on the specific effect you want, tghere is one more way. You can apply a transparent video clip across the timeline and put your effect on that.

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    Excellent ideas, thanks!

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