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Thread: Using .ogm files

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    Default Using .ogm files

    Is there anything I can do to get Vegas (Or heck, even WMM if I must) to recognize .ogm files? Even without sound is alright.

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    I haven't used or needed to used this format . . .

    However . . . your question has aroused my interest!

    Now, as far as I have read, OGM is part of of the Ogg Vorbis process.

    This produces OGG files, and that, I believe, from seeing the Media Files available. we can import.

    OK . .

    But you have an OGM - hmmm... I wonder what would happen IF you were to change the file extension to OGG? And then try? MAKE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL FIRST and use that!!! Here is something ELSE I've picked up to support our quest - to do with rendering but kinda puts Ogg Vorbis in the "Pantheon of Vegas Templates" and it is this :"Vegas has its own plug-in that was built using the Ogg Vorbis SDK, there is nothing that you need to install. Just select Ogg Vorbis from the format dropdown in the Render As dialog."

    Now, and I haven't done this, to PLAY OGM, that wonderful Swiss Army Knife of readers - VLC - free for downloading, GET IT - will read OGM files. So that's a help too!

    And again, here is a "converter" which I have found but haven't used, that is supposed to convert OGM to AVI.

    Convert OGM to AVI, OGM to DivX, OGM to xvid, OGM to AVI Converter Download

    Here is the Vorbis site:

    Thanks for pricking my interest neurones!


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    On further, FURTHER reading, the OGG files would appear to be for audio and the OGM are for Video? This is WELL over my head! But, at least you now have a way to play 'em (VLC) and a potential way to convert them to AVI ( see the converter I mentioned .. that I haven't tried!)


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    Excellent informative site found by a chum:-

    What are OGM, OGG formats ? How to play them with any video player ?

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