hi all i just wanted to say what a helpful site this is anyway i need some help plz not sure if this is the right palce but here gos im looking to get my first cam and what the best i can get my bugit is about 250 tops i have been looking at these cams
DCRHC 27E" mini DV camcorder
VP-D363" compact mini DV
DV VPD371" mini DV camcorder
GR-D720" mini DV camcorder
GR-D340" mini DV camcorder

i have not a clue about these but it will have to be one of the above as ints in my catalog i am looking for the best in dark condiions ect and bet for the money i have tryed to go a google scarch for the above and it comes up with nothing so can someone plz help me thanks a lot hope to heare fromsomeone soon