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Thread: sony vegas 7 help with dll file!!

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    Default sony vegas 7 help with dll file!!

    a month ago wen i bought it, it worked all fine, but now a failure message pops up!! its says like this:

    System-dll user32.dll was moved in the memory. the program will not run correct. the movememt began becouse dll filenC:\windows\sistem32\shell32.dll used that addresse who was resrved to a windows dll files. the (something) must be contacted and give you a new dll file.

    what do i do now!!! plz help, me i have a deadline...

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    Have you tried a re-install? It will probably help straighten things out.

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    i did that but wen i tried to intsall it again, that thinbg pops up, and i cant install it

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    I have absolutely NO idea what any of this means.


    #1 - the CTRL+SHIFT on firing up Vegas - you WILL loose your Preference settings - to reset to Factory Default


    #2 - A re-install as possible solution? Ugh . ..


    #3 - Do some house-keeping to ensure you have enough "space" - maybe your "loading" is a result of a constipated PC. I had this recently and did some Spring Cleaning!

    If this doesn't assist or no one replies here, then open a Tech Support ticket at Vegas Madison HQ.

    Sorry . ..

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