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    Default My labour of love

    Before you click to watch this, you should know it was made for a group of friends. Mainly for my best friend who got married. It wasnt all filmed by myself. but i did do all the editing and effects. it is on just over a hour, which i know is a long time to watch somthing on here, but i would really appreciate your views, especially that evil gurus.

    i will list the sequences id like you to watch by the time

    Stage6 thedigitalpunkz22 Super Mahons Return

    0.00the trailer and title sequence
    09.06 john fishing adventure
    14.00 Animal Kingdom Baby & scary rollecoaster
    34.17 How to beat a fear of heights
    37.26 the wedding montage (i wanted to do somthing that wasnt cheesy and really hit the heart strings)
    59.05 of to vegas
    59.40 vegas montage
    1.00 florida jack ass
    1.04 helicopter ride
    1.06 mgm montage
    1.11 the end with comedyclips

    so i hope you watch some of it, it took 4 months to cut all together, and im proud of it.
    i hope you enjoy it
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    Hey man - I would be interested to see what you've made, but I just can't justify grabbing and hour's worth of video... I think others would agree, break it up if you can. Give us 5-minute snacks, and you'll probably get a lot more feedback.

    Having said that - Good for you for sharing the whole thing. I've never had the guts to post my friends/vacation/event stuff.

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    is there any easy way to split this up
    action camera lights

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