First off I'll say hello seeing how this is my first post,
I've looked through several threads to see if I can find someone with the same problem as me but it seems to be Sony cams that I can find with this type of prob.em.
What I have is the GL2 of course and adobe premiere elements. Now instead of getting a pci firewire card I got an external firewire/usb hub. From what I have been reading in the manual is that it may not work if there is a hub involved. Well it does see the cam when uploading still pics from the card but when I connect the dv 4pin/6pin cable up to it and open adobe premiere, click capture it says device is offline. So I goto select a device to capture from and hit the drop down menu to select a device and the camcorder is not listed there at all but my webcam sure is....*bangs head* I also tried going into the cameras menu and switched it to a/v-dv out and that didn't do the trick either. Is it the firewire hub or something that I am missing? Thanks in advance.