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Thread: how to make a siluet

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    Default how to make a siluet

    Does anyone know how to make a siluet in premiere, edius or some program?
    I have no clue how to do it? I mean make a sileut of video, few pearsons...

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    If you want a still silhuette it's easy enough, you can maybe even do it in Premiere. Use the 16 point garbage matte tool and trace the edges round the subject, you'll need to do parts of the subject on multiple video tracks and build them up till you have it complete.

    Then either fill the subject with the desired colour or do a track matte to a solid colour track.

    To make it easier you can do this in After effects with the mask tool, or in photoshop.

    If you want a moving silhouette you'll need to keyframe the shape over time. If you do it in photoshop you export a filmstrip from premiere and do it in every frame, this isn't easy. I had a quick look at photoshop cs3 recently, you can import the video in deirectly and have a frame on each layer, it would then be easier. I just had a quick look but couldn't see an onion skin tool that seems to me to be an obvious need. temporarily adjusting adjacent layers opacity values would make it easier if there isn't one.

    If this all seems a little much you might get a something nice using the threshold filter in Premiere, combine it with colour corection tools and you might get something you like.


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    be warned though that 'natural' sillouhettes are NOT all black. If you mask off the shape of the person, say, and then just fill it with black it will look ok, sort of, but not natural.

    Much better technique would be to mask off the area and play with the 'levels', pushing just about everything up to black, leaving maybe a few subtle 'highlights' and 'not quite blacks' still. Not quite the right word(s) but hopefully I'm making sense.

    of course, as said before, the biggest problem/trick is to mask off the right area frame by frame.

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