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Thread: Using copyright music.. Applying for permission

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    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of putting together a video presentation for work, something that we intend to use as a "look at us this is what we do" program. When I was practising with Vegas I had a go at putting some scenes to music as a practice, and used a song from a album I own from a normal paid artist with all the normal copyright restrictions attached to it.

    However I'd really like to use the piece of music in my presentation.
    Is it worth approaching the appropriate record company to see if I can get permission to use it?
    Has anyone had any experience of trying to do this with popular chart music?

    Do the companies simply say no, do they ask for some form of royalty even if the music is strictly being used in a non-profit, training video way, or are they quite laid back about people using their copyrighted stuff if its not used for something that will be sold? I'm doubtful about the last one!

    Is it worth the hassle, or should I just try and find some royalty free tracks off the internet or free with a magazine. I've heard some ok ones but not any which come close to the track I used to practise with. But if trying to get permission is really something difficult, it might be the only option.



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    Yes, I've done similar.

    I think PRS and PPL do a combined license for short runs (i.e. less than 100 copies) I think mine was about 20 quid.
    However, no such deal exists for the record companies. I had to contact EMI but they were great... not only did they only charge 1, but additionally, they paid the pound!

    But mine was a "this is what we done" that was to show sponsors / donators that their help had really gone to children that needed it, so for a company vid the details may differ.

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    It doesn't cost anything to ask. I contacted EMI once to use a song in a similar situation and got a letter back from their marketting guy basically saying "I can't give you permission but if you only use it in the way you've suggested and there's any comeback, get them to contact me."
    Even if they say "no" you're no worse off than you are now!

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    have you got a link? i want to use a particular piece of music for something too
    would appreciate it
    Lordy Lordy!

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    I had this problem and was actually really frustrated by it. In fact I ran across this thread trying to find a solution to using copyrighted music. I really didn't want to use midi loops, didn't have enough gear to do pro recording. So I came across this site, which basically licenses indie music for use in commercial productions. Really reasonable prices.



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    Just an update,

    After lots of searching on various sites, I finally found a royalty free track worthy of replacing the original copyrighted track. Just in time too, I'm about to start the run of presentations.

    Got it from, cost about 20 ($40) but worth it as you get a 100 year licence and I can make or sell up to 5000 copies of whatever product I use the music in (and then I'll need a slightly more expensive Mass production license) and the only things I can't do is sell the music as my own, or use it in a theatrical production.

    Apart from that I can use it in anything I do (even TV as long as I fill in a cue sheet) but can't see my presentation being that well received.

    Feel a lot happier now I've found a track that won't be infringing copyright. I had applied to the company who owned the rights to the original track I liked, but hadn't heard anything, and to be honest the track I've now got works just as well.



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    Default Licensing music

    I was pleased to see your update.
    It's always worth a quick call or email to the record company but I'm glad to say that royalty free music sites are (mostly) getting better all the time.

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