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    OK, I have some footage that was recorded natively at 16:9, but has been squeezed into a 4:3 frame... How do I unsqueeze it in Vegas, so that I can view it at 16:9 in the Preview Window whilst editing?

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    I would just use track motion to pull it back out to 16.9

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    Good morning everybody. Slept like a log.

    This is what I do:

    #1 - Check my Project Properties: Have I set/corrected for 16:9? Go File>Properties>Template

    #2 - Check my Event Properties: Right click on an Event, open "Properties" and click on "Media" tab and confirm my "Pixel Aspect Ratio" (PAR) is correctly set to my media.

    #3 - Check Aspect Previewing: Right click on the actual Preview Window and confirm "Simulate Device Aspect Ratio" is checked.

    . .and that's what I do.

    If THIS doesn't sort you out then get back here.


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