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Thread: I Just Wanna Make A MOVIE!!!!

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    Default I Just Wanna Make A MOVIE!!!!

    Okay... I am trying to make my first ever movie with Sony Vegas/Architect. I completed my video/audio in Vegas and rendered it as an .mpg/.ac3, respectively. So I go into Architect and try to pull up my rendered project and it says the file names are invalid <insert puzzled look here>.

    I know I am doing something wrong, just can't figure out what. Here is the bizarre thing. The files are showing as filename.mpg.sfl, filenameac3.sfk and filename.ac3.sfl. What the heck is that all about? Also there is a filename.dar file and a filename.vf file as well. I would suppose the .vf file is the video file... makes sense; but the .dar file has got me stumped. I have no idea how to make my video in Architect. No idea. None. At all.

    So here is my breakdown:

    filename.mpg.slf 1KB
    filename.ac3.sfk 2,141KB
    filename.ac3.sfl 1KB
    filename.dar 33KB
    filename.vf 64KB

    Now, the rendering took nearly an hour to do, so I know that there has got to be a bigger file out there somewhere, right? I can't find it though.

    Do I have to use Architect? I am not going to put any menus on the movie, I just want the movie on multiple DVDs.

    Sorry for the "basic" question, I am a greenhorn at this stuff. I appreciate any, and all help. Thanks in advance.

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    dar files are what DVD architech names the file, ( you will need DVDA to burn disc's)

    The video file will be MovieName.jpg and the audio MovieName.ac3

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Hmmmm, seems that I have figured something out. I actually re-rendered in Vegas and selected the "Send to Architect" button after it was finished. Everything was there.

    Previously I had rendered then exited both programs. I then re-opened the programs this evening and I couldn't get the Architect program to recognize the files. That may have been my hiccup. I would hate to think that everytime I wanted to make a DVD I would have to render in Vegas and then immediately go into Architect and make the video. One would think that you would be able to save the file and then go in at a later time to mess about with Architect. Can you so this? If so, how?

    End result is that I am burning my DVDs as I type this. Would be nice to know how to save though. Any help on that?

    Thanks again...

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    I am assuming your useing vegas 6 with dvda 3 or vegas 7 with dvda 4? just click render as Pick your settimgs decide where you want to save and go do it when you like.

    When you render the video and audio sepratly dvda will join both the audio and video for you, if you save it with diffrent name you will have to do it manualy.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    SKF: An SKF file is the waveform that is generated to present me with the graphical WAVEFORM for the Audio Tracks in my Vegas projects. When it is time, housekeeping, I delete these. I don't worry 'cos they would get recreated when I should ever reopen the Project again.

    DAR: This IS the DVDA Project file. It is NOT the actual DVD and DVD structure you would want to burn, but solely the actual work you have done within DVDA. DARs are for DVDA as VEGs are for Vegas itself.

    SF: Now, I know these as the project files created by the video editing packages from Vegas's smaller siblings: VMS and, a long time ago, VideoFactory. Why you should be anywhere near them, beats me? Have you used VMS (Vegas Movie Studio) or VF (Video Factory) lately? What's worth noting is that you CAN open these files within Vegas, work on them and save them. But then you CANNOT reopen them again in VMS or VF! If you DO want to work on them within VEGAS, then save them with a different name, this allows you to save the original file.

    "One would think that you would be able to save the file and then go in at a later time to mess about with Architect. Can you so this? If so, how?"

    If I've understood you correctly, then yes, yes you can. And as long as I Save/Save as within the Vegas session or DVDA session I can come back to each part in 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 months!

    This is my method is to - break off and save project at any point:

    #1 - Finish my editing within V7

    #2 - Render a completed/finished AVI. I do this to ensure I have at least a BIG ViD finished!

    #3 - I then render from this finished AVI an MPG2 Video Stream only: MyProject.mpg

    #4 - I then I then render from this finished AVI an AC3 audio only: MyProject.ac3

    #5 - Open DVDA4

    #6 - Locate my newly rendered mpg drag directly onto the MAIN Menu. This appears in the timeline for the video

    #7 - Locate my newly rendered AC3 file and drop it UNDER the MPG timeline.

    #8 - Preview to check

    #9 - Go > Prepare and I take note of any warnings that need my attention and proceed to finish prepare.

    #10 - Once I've finished Preparing I then burn

    So, to recap: Edit and Render in Vegas > Prepare and Burn within DVDA4

    Hope this helps,


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    Default really impressed

    Such a beautiful description,so clear and direct I am really impressed with this video forum!

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