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Thread: Advertising Video - Please Watch!

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    Thumbs up Advertising Video - Please Watch!

    Thanks for your time and tell me what you think!
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    First of all, good luck with your competition.

    Feedback: you need some color balancing if you want this thing to look professional. I'm not sure what program you used, but most have some amount of color correction - specifically, you may want to correct (or even re-shoot) some of the shots in bright daylight especially. They look really washed out because of the bright light.

    I didn't really understand what the service was after watching your video. This may be because the speaker's voice is hard to hear. I liked the idea behind the video, with the different people from different areas all using the service, but the vid needs something to grab attention... a little music would probably go a long way, too.

    Once again, good luck with the competition, and thanks for showing your video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom888uk View Post

    Thanks for your time and tell me what you think!

    Crossfades are often used if you switch from location so you did good, only they work best if you use them on stationary tripod shots. In your case I would just use a hard cut.
    That leads me to my second suggestion: USE A TRIPOD! Based on the image and sound you are using a small handicam, it makes a world of difference putting your camera on a tripod.
    Also be carefull filming against the sun, if your camera doens't have manual iris control, simply avoid shots like the very first one.
    The sound was terrible, especially the wind in the mic in the first shot and that noise at 00:39 in the background.
    Therefore you should plan your shots better, f.i. try to shield of the camera from wind during a shot, take out annoying backgroundsounds (if there's no speech) and replace it with another sound recorded when it's more silent.

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    Technically it's a disaster!

    The idea's good but the execution is awful. The sound is terrible, wind noise, handling thrumble, all sorts of noise which you don't want to have on the soundtrack. You would have been better off re-voicing the video in post production.

    Camerawork... 'nuff said.

    If you're going to go to the effort of getting friends abroad to record footage for you, then you should have put more effort into the shooting.

    Sorry but it's not good.

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    In a nut shell - great idea, poorly executed.

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