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Thread: Matrox RTX-100 Problem

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    I am using a Matrox RTX100 card with the Abobe Prodaction suite. I have no problem at all capturing from a mini DV camcorder using the firewire. I have recently tried to connect a Hi-8 camcorder using a video/audio cable connected to the extension cable that comes with Matrox using the input side of it. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Tried to change the Premier settings but I have a feeling that its the cards settings I need to look at.

    I had the same proble when i tried to connect a VCR to capture from a VHS tape. Same way as with the Hi-8 tried composite and S-video cable but didn't work.

    Can somebody help me!!?? THNX

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    Default Rxt 100

    I have had a similar problem,

    No analogue sound or video in, but analogue sound and video out.
    Firewire in sound and video ok, but video only back out.

    I came to the conclusion that the problem is to do with conflict in the build of the
    computer, so I am building a new computer based on Matrox spec from there site.

    One pointer is to have your software on a seperate drive to your project, and both drives need to be the same.

    David Lees

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    Hello, Thank you very much for your reply. I do have the software and project I'm working at in two different drives. However, I managed to capture from a VHS tape using VCR a while back (can't remember how I did it!) I will try again today and see what happens.

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    Firstly, make sure you have the correct drivers installed for the Matrox Card. IT's not in front of me and can't remember offhand what the correct version number is (6157 comes to mind but do check properly).

    Also, make sure your hard drive setup is as recommended. Remember, Matrox expect you to have a dedicated hard drive for real time export capture from analogue source. Might only matter when capturing analogue and converting to MPEG2 in real time though, not sure (it's been a while).

    I assume you mean 'break out box' when you say 'extension cable'.

    I;ve never had any issue scpatuign analgue thorugh that from wither VCR or old camcorder. However, rather than do the capture from within Premiere I use the Matrox capture tool. Try that.

    Check you leads too. Connect the device to a TV using the same leads. If it works ok then use those same leads to connect to the BOB and re-try. IF still no joy then do the usual stuff like unseat the card and reseat it etc and re-install the drivers (just in case).

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    Firstly I would check that the Ext or Line audio input is actually enabled in the Windows audio mixer. I've had cases where the input was not selected, or is selected but muted.



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    Oh and one more thing that has caught me out before now, if you are connecting using a scart lead to your VCR. Make sure the scart connector is not input only (on the VCR end). I had a lead that was scart on one end and 3xphono type sockets on the other. WOuldn;t work as the lead was single direction only - and the wrong direction to boot.

    I spent about three quid on a scart to 6 x phone and as long as I connect the correct 3 then all's well.

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