I am new to this Board so first thing is hellow to all.My use of editing programmes came about when I moved from physical editing of my underwater video to computer based some 2 years ago.Since then I have used Pinnacle 9 up to last week.Yes, I have encountered problems from time to time but only once did I "lose" a project and that was allmost certainly my fault.
However,allways easily swayed by the promise of something better I bought Pinnacle Studio 10 Tanium,and so has began a week of hell!!
System comprises Dell D5000,stand alone WD drive (for capture and edit files).Having had S10 fail to load (had to download software),then require graphic card to receive new drivers (ATI Radeon300 update for Cascade),I finnaly started a project.Oh the joy at having full colour corection,including RGB and White Balence.14 hours of work and then off to render and burn.Rendered O/K with no hangs and off to internal burner.Disc produced showing colour change confirming burn.Pop into DVD player "disc contains unknown data".Put disc back into rom drive and this could not play it.Into windows and run disc analysis which gives no infrmation at all.So as I type this I believe I have a project but whatever (if anything) is put to disc is unreadable.I have scoured the Pinnacle consumer website but not found anything similar.Any thoughts would be much welcomed.