Well about a month after I bought it my HDR-HC3 randomly stopped working despite it hadn't taken any notable punishment (unless normal use is too punishing for it?) Naturally I took it back, and they sent it off to be repaired, about a month later (they actually had it for longer in repair than I'd had it for) I got it back in a nice generin brown cardboard box with some fetching yellow barcode stickers on it.

Only, I notice since I got it back (I'm taking it back again today as I've had to hang onto it to capture my HDV cassettes to my hard drive) the picture quality on it has degraded considerably, it's not visible on the viewfinder but when captured and viewed on an average sized screen there are clearly defined vertical stripes running through the picture, uniformed, in a grid pattern that seems to bevel slightly towards the corner of the image, similar to the effect you get when filming something off of a low resolution monitor (like filming through an appearture grill on a CRT).

Wtf is causing this? Just out of curiosity.

I'm taking it back, naturally. Although, you'd think with it still being under manufacturers warrenty and comet insurance they'd replace it, but replacements apparently void your insurance..... according to the agreement terms they give to you AFTER you've paid