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Thread: video effects to make me look "african"?

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    Default video effects to make me look "african"?

    hi, i'm working on a project using vegas 7.0, and i need my skin to look "african". My skin is light-yellow, and i filmed myself and chroma keyed me, and now i'm trying to color correct my skin, but i cannot get the brown texture. I tried darkening it too, but it doesn't come out right. any suggestions? there's so many video fx effects that i can't find the right settings to make it look brown.

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    The problem is of course that any correction you apply that alters the skin tone to what you want (even assuming you could find the correct setting) is that it'll also affect anything else in the picture. Is that going to be acceptable?

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    I would usew make up or get an actor that suits. I cant imagine any editing soloution working that well.

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    well, this isn't gonna be a professional movie, just a little high school project. I was thinking, if i wear red shirt/pants and stand in green background, I wouldn't mind my clothes turning pink as long as i can get my skin to brown

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