Hey I hope this is the right place to post this lol I was wondering, is there any way to render a successful good quality video for youtube using
Vegas 6.0? I've tried countless times to do so (I've rendered it using both .avi and .wmv, and even .mov formats.) I've tried pretty much all the settings
availible on my computer from Vegas, from mostly all the formats and the quality still turns out horrible and pixelated when i upload it to youtube.

the resolution started off being 608x256. and i wasn't satisfied with the widescreen setting and decided to make it full screen for youtube.
So i took it into a converting program and edited the resolution down to 532x386 (Oh, if your wondering what all of this is for, i edit movies and make fan videos
out of them.) and it looks perfect on Vegas, and after i render it on my desktop the video seems just right. But, however when i render it (to mainly .avi or .wmv settings.) and upload it to youtube
it turns real pixelated and blurry looking.. The source video is crystal clear. And so is my resized converted version.. And just incase if my fullscreen version
was at fault, I also resized the widescreen version to fullscreen in Vegas and rendered it and got the same exact results.. I've also researched and found out
(what seemed to me.) little information on my type of problem. I also heard that youtube takes any type of video you make (rather it be .avi, wmv or whatever.)
and converting it over to a .flv file on their server, so I researched a program called Riva FLV Encoder that you could basically covert your videos over to an .flv
file and test out the quality and its supposed to pretty much what it will look like on youtube.

So i downloaded Riva FLV Encoder, installed it and tried to test it out. I browsed my movie file clip (which was rendered into an .avi and .wmv file from Vegas.)and tested it out on Riva and it came up saying "The encoding of your video file has failed. This can be caused by a not supported combination of parameters or by a not supported video codec." So i was like ok.. I'll look on the site and see if they have any information on how to help this problem. And it turns out that i didn't have the needed codecs that the program required. (Xvid, DivX 3, 4 and 5)
and downloaded the codecs (mainly Xvid.) and tried it out again. This time it worked, so i was pretty excited about that lol. By this time it was getting pretty
late so i decided I'd mess with the settings more tomorrow. Next day i try it again and it came up with the same error message as above. And i still can't figure
out the problem.. Then i decided to go back to square one with just rendering from Vegas and uploading it to Youtube. Like i said, I've tried pretty much all the
options that i know of to fix this. I'm really really desperate, can anyone help me out?? Thanks sooo much for your time. =) P.S I'm sorry if i didn't explain things better, i'm a newbie
and don't know much about this stuff lol Oh, and im REALLY hoping that the crappy video quality on youtube isn't caused because i converted my widescreen movie over to fullscreen.