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Thread: Adobe Premiere 6.5 now useless

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    Default Adobe Premiere 6.5 now useless

    I have a major problem going on here. I have been using Premiere 6.5 over a period of months to make my movie. The timeline had title files, tif files, avi files and a few transitions. The last thing I did was add a tif file in the alpha channel so background strips showed and added another video track to take a 3D effect, plus an mp3. Some time after doing this (and I don't know if something about this was responsible) I noticed there were no coloured lines above the avi files to tell me if they had been rendered or not. When I tried rendering them nothing happened. This seems to have ruined the entire software in that I am no longer able to render avi files!

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere 6.5 and during setup it told me "Unable to launch Adobe_1\TCW\tcwi.exe". Premiere will render any file but avi files which makes it useless. I even imported a brand new avi file in case the others I used to make my movie had become corrupted. It would not render.

    What on earth can I do? Help will be much appreciate. I have lost many, many hours of work.


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    Remember that if you've got a DV AVI file with no transitions or effects, you don't actually have to render the clip to preview.

    I pressume that after the reinstall, you opened up your project again and tested it?

    Additionally, when you uninstall an app there's frequently settings left in the registry. When you the re-install, the same settings that may have been causing the problem are still there. If you are happy using regedit, I would search and delete anything Premiere related after uninstalling, then reinstall.
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    or just fdisk and then reinstall
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    ...but then you'd have to start the project from scratch unless you backup the video files and project
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    Thanks for your replies.

    Marc, when you say an avi file does not need rendering to preview I'm assuming it DOES need rendering before exporting? Is that right? I wanted to export what I have done so far to VHS tape just to see how it looks on a TV screen and that all is going well. I had actually rendered what I had done so far but added an mp3 at the end and things seemed to go a little haywire after that. When I tried exporting the timeline to my camera (to go to VHS) it started recording halfway through the 3rd clip on the timeline. I could not get recording to start at the beginning. The clips themselves do not seem corrupt as Windows Media Player has no problem with them.

    Is it true that Premiere does not like mp3 files - that they should be converted to wav format? I saw somewhere the adding mp3 files can cause the -1 error to do with the twci.exe business.

    Thanks - Julie

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    I've never had a problem with MP3s and Premiere 6.5. That's not to say that problems won't occur and if you feel happier, use WAV audio.

    Render the timeline before exporting to cam.
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