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    i have just got a Pinnacle DV500 Card that came bundled with a camera i have bought.
    its a pci card with a contraption that plugs into my video card with s video and audio/video sockets?

    The question is what can i use it for? i use firewire which i suspect superceded these cards but i'm interested to know what else i could use it for or just flog it!

    any help appreciated

    Lordy Lordy!

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    The contraption you talk about is a Breakout box, this was designed to work in earlier versions of Adobe Premiere (5.0,5.5 and 6.0)

    The BOB (Breakout box) should be blue and have s-video, composite and audio L+R connections for in and out.

    You should be able to install the Dv500, attach the BOB and then when installed with the correct Pinnacle drives/software you can capture from either firewire or the BOB using s-video or composite directly into Adobe Premiere.

    Hope this helps
    Tony Rhodes

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