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Thread: HVR-A1E vs HVR-Z1

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    Default HVR-A1E vs HVR-Z1

    First off sorry if this is the wrong section.
    Anyway we were looking at the sony HVR-A1E, but now weve been drawn to the HVR-Z1 as it offers alot more options, but is it worth the extra money?
    Do either of the cameras offer shooting in double speed? i was getting slightly confused with the technical specs (my good lady is the expert in cameras, im more CG/ Post production). Ideally were going to want to capture awsome slow mo shots similar to Top Gear (with the close up on wheels going through puddles- you know the ones).

    Main uses for the cameras will be:
    weddings, documentrys, special occasion filming and such like.

    Thanks for your help

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    Both those camera will shoot at the standard frame rate for the region. either 25fps (ok 50i) for PAL and 30 fps for NTSC. You will notbe able to speed up the camera to get slo-mo effects.

    You will need to shoot at a high shutter speed and get some decent post production software to get the slo-mo effect you are looking for with those cameras.

    Oh and be careful of the distinction between frame rate and shutter speed. They are not the same thing.


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