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Thread: Copyright query.....AGAIN!....sorry..

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    Default Copyright query.....AGAIN!....sorry..

    I've searched the forum for an answer to this one but I've drawn a goes...

    We've recorded (video) a keynote speech for a Business Institute

    They asked the speaker would it be OK for us to record (video) it...speaker agreed

    As regards copyright, are we like photographers, the owners of the copyright to the footage and the "speaker" as the owner of the intellectual property (speech) owner of the copyright to that?

    If so...and this is really hypothetical...can either of us refuse to allow the video to be used?

    Once we are paid for the "gig" does our copyright (if we have any) transfer to the client?

    Reason I ask, the resulting DVD will be given free to members of the institute (non profit), but I have a funny feeling the speaker may see future mileage (moneymaking opportunity) in this type of project and possibly want to market the DVD themselves.

    With luck they may approach us to create a new DVD for them, of course we will be happy to oblige....

    Such a minefield! a final question....who owns the copyright to the video animations/graphics created for the introductions and final credit sequences on the was all our "artistic/creative" work...but used the Institutes logos (with their permission obviously)

    Cheers everyone....summers coming....

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    You need to get any permission sin writing just in case.

    The copyright depends on what your contract states or what you have agreed with the client.

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    fair comment but what I was also getting at was how a photographer owns copyright for his photos as I understand it, regardless of talents the situation similar for videographers?

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    I think it is. Otherwise, every individual who's ever done a tv news interview, for example, would be able to call the shots over what the videographer could do with his footage. Having said that, when me and some of my family were on Family Fortunes (oh yes, Bert's had his 15 minutes....) a few years back we had to sign consent forms allowing Central TV the rights over the footage and that we wouldn't stake a claim from them everytime it was aired etc. Work that one out.

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    well Bert , thanks for that....but out of 100 people surveyed....what was the most popular answer for "most unusual things that people have copyrighted"



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    If you shot in footage in public then the copyright is yours.

    try this info

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    However... If you are employed as a cameraman or videographer (ie you're employed to do a specific job, as opposed to providing a finished product) then the copyright on your work belongs to your employer.

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    If in doubt get releases from everyone for everything, the broader the better.

    The few times i have bothered (just lazy), so few i cant find my form, it said something like...

    " I agree that all video and audio shot by 'me' of 'you' can be used in any way I choose and hard cheese to 'you'. "

    Obvoiusly you make it sound less scary but that is the gist of a good release form for me.

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