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Thread: Stills in wide screen video

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    Default Stills in wide screen video

    I would like to add some stills to my video that is in wide format, but of course the pictures are not. The pictures were taken at 6.1 megapix so they are quite large, I tried cutting them down to the project size of 720x480 but the black bars are still on the sides. Any way to do this? Thanks for the help.


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    When I've got a still that wont "fill" I use the Pan/Crop tool. But now I use Excalibur's "Match Aspect Ratio" tool. I have this as an Icon on the toolbar now.

    Anyway, are you PAL or NTSC? Why the 480 wide? I'm confused.

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    Ok, I'll give the pan crop a try, or download a script. The 480 is the hight, or at least that is what it says the project size is near the bottom right preview screen, its in NTSC. Regardless, when I resize a picture in Photoshop CS2 it still has gaps.


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