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    Newbie to this forum so sorry if I posted in the wrong thread but couldnít find anything more appropriate! I am trying to put a video together and in between scenes I want to add a graphic of a map with an animated line showing the areas traveled to. If you have seen Indiana Jones then you would have seen the sort of thing I am after. In between scenes they have a plane journey which shows you which parts of the globe they are traveling to. Problem is I donít have a clue how to do this unless I use a sort of stop animation process which could take days to do effectively. Do any of you have any shortcuts I can use to do this?



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    Firstly, have you got the graphic of the map you want to use? If you have then depending on how many scenes you are going to place it between, you could make whatever number of copies you need. Then just extend the line between each destination on each new version of the map graphic. The map would start with no line on it, then in the second graphic you'd have a line going from point A to point B, then in the third graphic you'd have a line going from point B to point C etc etc. Another way would be to make to versions of the map graphic, one would have no line on it and the second version would have the complete line travelled. You would then overlay one over the other in two separate video tracks and use a vertical wipe (left to right) to reveal the line on the graphic underneath over the duration of the scene. Well, that's my two thoughts on it. If you look on Google or some free graphics websites you might be able to find a little aeroplane, but that would mean animating it and having to rotate it at every turn and twist on the map... more work!

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    Thanks for the advice, two very good ideas. I have started with your first idea and so far I am frame 13 and its already looking good!

    Thanks again


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