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Thread: Wrapping video around a sphere?

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    Default Wrapping video around a sphere?


    This is my 1st post! (Please be gentle!) I've had a quick search but so far can't find anything that meets my requirement.

    I am pretty new to all this, and I have some footage from a gig we played recently, and I want to do an effect where it looks like the band is wrapped around a sphere which slowly drifts off to a vanishing point, on a scene of a star-scape. I have created the star-field in photoshop, by the way, I'm using Premier Elements 3.

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks

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    It would probably be easier to do using one of the many effects available as a plugin for after effects...the other option is to find a video effect or transition that spins the clip in or out and reverse the motion to suit...but I don't think your program has these options

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    So to answer my own question, in case it is of the slightest use to anyone else ...

    If you install a graphics card with a GPU like an N-Vida GeForce, PE3 magically has GPU Efects and GPU Transitions included in the plugin list.

    One of the transitions is "Sphere" which wraps the video around a sphere which then floats off and up out of frame.

    I stuck the clip I wanted to have this effect on a track on its own, and added this transition to the end... Then dragged the transition to cover the entire clip., and voila!


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