Hi I am starting a new website that features top quality video greeting cards. We are looking for shorts - from a couple of seconds till about two minutes or so that can be focused to a greeting card. We are looking for great stuff - the site will be a place people will know they can get great videos! They dont need to be a greeting card now - but just something cute that we can post a message at the end. We will post a link to your website or email - and help promote your work. We are in start up stage now - but we are developing revenue sharing models for future.

You can view a demo of the site at - CardClips.com | The Best Movie Greeting Cards for all Occasions

We'd love to see your stuff! You can send your stuff directly to the email cardclips.com@gmail.com (up to ten mb) or write to me at that address with any questions you may have.

Thanks a lot - look foward to hearing from you.

All the best