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Thread: Help with rendering in Pinnacle 9

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    Default Help with rendering in Pinnacle 9

    Hi, I've been working with Pinnacle studio ver. 9 for about 3 years now but just recently I've encountered a problem with the Make Video function of the program. When I try to create an Mpeg file of the project it'll will make up to 15 sec of the thing and then stop, this has happened before so I wasn't worried but then when I try to make it an AVI file it won't do anything it just seems to freeze at the beggining. The project I'm trying to make consists of many short piece of video and pictures edited together to the beat of music as well as many many transitions. (Its a small video I made for a cheerleading group in town for a little money) The project is only about 4 minutes long. I made about 5 of them in the same style and I only encounter the problem with two of them. I've tried taking out some scenes and replacing them with others and splitting it up into different sections to try and find the problem but it does it everytime no matter what I do. I'm really starting to get frusterated with the whole thing because I need to have it done in a few days so please if someone has any suggestion I would it would be much appreciated.

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    I am having exactly the same problem and it looks like I am going to have to trash it and start again.

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