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Thread: Aspiring student! Needs Advice

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    Default Aspiring student! Needs Advice

    To make my story short...I'm currently 21 was attending college with no direction of what i was doing, took a part time job filming high school football and by my own interest got involved in the editing process. Fell in love with editing and now know its exactly what i want to do, even had to buy my own macbook pro and final cut software. basically im looking to go somewhere to really learn and master editing...thinkin about full sail but im skeptical any advice would help!!

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    I study it at uni - but in my expeirence the best way to learn is to simply make alot of projects for your self and play around - also things like the totaltrainning seris and will help give you ideas...

    i dont see the point in spending time and money on courses/uni etc - it can all be done by yourself.. i think to 'get good' at editing simply needs alot of motivation and alot of time..

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