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Thread: My Pool montage video.

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    Default My Pool montage video.

    Here is a link to my first video, I posted it on YouTube so friends and family could easily access it. Considering it was made with my old HI8 camcorder and WMM all in the first week I learned how to film, edit and render, I would say its not too bad for my first go at it. I don't know how much you can do with this type of movie, being its just a montage, but please give me any ideas or tips you have. I will be starting from scratch with a whole new video using my new camera and software, "Sony DCR-SR300 and Vegas7". If pool and billiards is not your thing, you may just find it boring reguardless, if not please give me some tips! Thanks for watching!

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    I thought this was an interesting film which showed very well the obvious talents of the player. The shots were well lit and it's good to see that use was made of a tripod. The overhead shots used on occasions added an extra dimension.

    My main criticism would be the duration, and following on from that, the repetition.

    I suspect that you fell into the trap that many editors (myself included) make when making a music video - letting the duration of the song dictate the duration of the video. That song was a LONG song. Way too long, I suspect, for the variety of the material that you had, and this would explain why we saw so many repeats of the same shot.

    Songs are as editable as video - don't be afraid to cut chunks out and join up the seams, or fade out early, or whatever.

    I bet if you got the music down to a minute duration and re-edited the movie, you will end up with something far punchier.

    I'm sure you enjoyed making it though - thanks for sharing.

    I'm not too impressed with the camera choice though for someone so keen on editing - hard disk cameras aint exactly edit-friendly. I wish you well!

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    Thanks so much for the comments and ideas, I'll take them all into consideration while making my next video! You are right about the song length, at the time I did not have the knowledge or the software to shorten it without it sounding horriable. To make up for that I tried to start it slow, with the tone of the music, then bring some difficult shots early to keep the attention of the viewers, and end strong as well. Were the stills building up to the video too much, or just the length of the video portion? I thought the stills really set the mood. In your opinion is there a way to make a montage of this type longer then just a minute or two and still hold peoples attention? I have enough different shots, this was more of an expertiment with editing then anything else.

    As for the HDD cam, I have heard that from a lot from people, but I wonder if any of them have acutally used one. I find it to be a great camera, even without converting the MPEG2 files it seems to be a breeze to edit with Vegas7 or Adobe. I can take hours of footage and have it ready to edit in minutes on my compter where with others you can only capture at the speed of playback, so I find that to be an advantage. Also you can take hours of video without changeing tapes so I find that I end up with much more usable footage at the end of the day because im not picky about what i film, I just get it all and edit out what i want later. When the new guys ask about cameras almost everyone says the HDD are not an option, I wish they would reconsider and just state the advantages and disadvantages. I find them to be great cameras with very good quality all considered. I have not come across any problems with editing the MPEG2 videos. Just to be clear I have the DCR-SR300 so other models below it may differ in quality.

    Thanks again for the input, please let me know if you have any more ideas for my future offering.


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    That was really good, especially for your first video. It was a little slow at first but it was a good idea to do still shots at the beginning. (maybe just have less still shots or have them last for a shorter duration) I liked having the same shot from different angles. That was nice. The only thing is that sometimes you had the same shot from the same angle back to back. That got a little annoying because it looked exactly the same as the previous camera shot. Maybe just have another angle of it. Other than that it was great! Nice job!

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