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Thread: DVD Footage with counter (or Timecode) on video

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    Default DVD Footage with counter (or Timecode) on video


    I have what seems like should be the easiest thing in the world to do and I've been trying for 3 days straight.

    I have a 60 minute MINIDV Tape. I want to provide that raw footage to the client on DVD for review. I've done this many times and have had no problems. However, this time, to help with the editing process I want to display a counter (or timecode) on the footage so they can say, "Use 00:00:23 to 00:01:49 for the intro." etc...

    Is there not a way to do that. I'm using Adobe Productions Studio 2.0. They will probably be watching the footage either on PC (with DVD Drive) or on a home DVD player

    Thanks in advance,

    Boyd Sharpe

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    never used it but I thought Premiere Pro has a timcode 'effect'.

    Create one of those magic invisible layesr across the entire timeline and drop the timecode effect over on top of it.

    As follows...

    Create your sequence.

    In your project bin. right click and select New Item -> Transparent Video

    Drag and drop this as the highest layer of the sequence and stretch it to cover the entire time.

    Sinmply drag and drop the following 'effect' onto the transp[arent video layer. Video Effects -> Video -> Timecode

    Adjust settings of the 'effect' to suit your frame rate etc.

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