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Thread: 24 hour export?

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    Default 24 hour export?

    I'm exporting minor edits to an avi file. The file was created from importing an hour long (about 13 GB) mini DV tape. Those edits are being exported to an avi format. It appears that the export will take about 24 hours.

    Can this be correct? It sounds excessive, particularly as I have a newish PC (Pentium Core 2 duo processor, 1GB RAM, and a video card with 256 MB memory)

    I'm using Premiere 6.0, the Export Timeline > Movie feature with the following settings:

    Make: Entire project as Microsoft AVI
    Video: 720 x 576 at 29.97fps
    Compression: ‘Cinepak Codec by Radius’ @ 100%
    Audio: 48000 Hz – 16 bit – Stereo
    Compressor: Uncompressed

    Is something amiss here. Kinda new at this. Should that Compression option have 'None' selected?

    Appreciate any suggestions.


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    It does seem like a long time.

    I'd suggest using a different codec. The cinepak one is as old as the hills. It is very lossy, and the results might be very poor, when compared to one of the more recent versions.

    What are you intending to do with the resulting movie file? If you intend to distribute it via the web I'd choose a codec like Xvid. Depending on the duration of the movie, it might still be very large in terms of file size. Other web options would include .wmv

    If you intend to produce a DVD from the file, I'd encode it as a DV AVI file, to retain the highest quality.

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