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Thread: my new film - playing dead

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    Default my new film - playing dead

    hi all,

    thought i'd upload my video to get some comments/constructive criticism.... hope u like it..

    - ive put it on myspace (its the first video at the top) because that seems to be the fasted at uploading/downloading...

    those who visit creative cow will see that ive used alot of ideas from there - andrew krammer - legend!!

    link -
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    almost 50 veiws and no comments?? :(
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    Very "Sin City". I really, really liked it.

    That's the problem, it's very very good, much better than most of the stuff we get on here. Which makes the slight blemishes stick out more. For me, it's the acting, it's good but doesn't really work. I suppose it's the London accents in the New York setting.

    The script's good, the effects work well, the "look" really suits the subject, the lighting, camerawork and sound are all superb. I don't know if it's the director or the actors but for me it's not quite believable. The twist at the end is great but...

    Anyway, it deserves praise, not criticism. A hell of a lot of effort has gone into it and it shows. A short you should be proud of (maybe that's why there aren't many comments) how can you call a video "fantastic" (which it is) and yet criticise it as not quite working at the same time?

    Loved it! But...

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    amazing, i agree with guru. my fav part was the title effects, that was really effective and it set the tone. my only comment is the acting, unfortunatley you can do the best editing but it doesnt disguise poor acting. but other than that it was really good, technically i in awe
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    ^^ thanks for the comments ... - I cant really say anything on the acting though because they were just two of my freinds helping me out, and they probably did it better than I could do.. i do agree with guru though, that theres difinity something missing..

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    well, thats good of them to help out. i know it can be tough getting stuff on screen, your probably like me and want to shoot as much stuff as possible. maybe look on myspace style sites for actors near by who would be up for being in your short films.
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    Visually excellent. Titles excellent. Alot of skill behind the scenes. But oh dear God - the acting. It just doesn't work for me. I know they were friends helping out, but I would be so so so tempted to can it, find more a far more convincing cast and start again.

    It's a real shame that such a stylish piece is let down by that alone. I would love to see it acted properly - it would then be 100% excellent.

    Sorry if my comments are harsh, but they're not a criticism of the visual aspects at all - they deserve the utmost praise!

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    Sweet intro, how did you get that ink effect/footage? and the cartoon effect was well done too

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    ^^ the titles where done by using andrew kramers 'Roit Gear' - from - i would recomend it to any one.. its quite cheap too!

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    There are some parts which I liked about it, the story, the "feel" of the whole movie. In regard to the acting, well, I have seen much worse. The only thing I dind't like was what you did with the film itself, the cartoon like effect wasn't that good executed, in closeups it worked fine, only when moving further way with the camera a lot of details were not visible and it all looked kind of blurry.
    Also the girl with the cigaret was not allways framed properly, also at a certain point when the girl points a gun to that guy, the guy is on the right and the next shot he is on the left side. I also saw, almost halfway, a bad panning movement of the camera which wasn't exactly smooth.

    I don't want to sound negative, but here I feel that the effects draw too much attention and in some case they ruin the shot (especially were you don't film in close up) but in general I think you did a good job.
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