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    II don't know what this problem is, or how to fix it. I have a Dazzle 150 that I use to import my footage, and it has to be saved in MPEG format, and If I import it in that format, it will screw Adobe After Effects up realy bad, so I converted it to AVI format, and imported it, and it works fine, exept that it looks like this, and I have no idea why! This would not be a problem if AE would not mess up on MPEG format.

    If I import an MPEG, it plays 2X faster, and is all jumpy, also, the sound is off sync (becouse it plays at normal speed) and the damn thing locks up if I play to the end of the clip!

    Oh, this is just wonderfull, now my website is down so I cant upload the picture of the problem!

    It looks as if every other line of pixles are off set from each other.

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    Does it look like this:

    If so, you need to deinterlace your video

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